Why shroud is good at aiming?

Hi, today I am gonna talk about "Michael Grzesiek" who is also known as "Shroud" in the universe of gaming, in this Article I will try to explain to you that why Shroud is too good at aiming in FPS games, also, make it sure that the things I am gonna tell you will not be limited to the shroud only, these things apply to all other good streamers and professional players too.
Guys, I know this topic may sound odd to you but I have done some research on me and some of my friends to clear the fundamentals of good aiming, I will try to explain you in little points.

First of all we'll talk about the Gears, Gears play an important role in aiming your target, hold  your keyboard and mouse in a comfortable way so that you can aim with comforts, I researched on myself, that I only play good when my keyboard and mouse are placed in right way, so make it sure that you should feel comfortable with your gears while playing video games.

Stay Stress-Free

You should never …

Gaming Stress and How to treat it?

Who doesn't love playing games for hours? expect non-gamers but there are few things that put questions on it related to health, so everyone in today's Article we gonna talk about the connection between "gaming and stress", I mean its causes, effects and how you can play healthy, All the points, conclusion and tips are based on the research that I have done on myself and many of my fellow gamers.

A few days ago I got an idea to ask gamers about their opinions on how gaming affecting their health, so I created many polls related to stress in many big gaming communities asking them "do you feel stressed after playing games" hundreds of gamers responded to my questions, so I wrote their answers into a notebook and got some conclusions that I'm going to share with you guys today.

basically, I will divide my conclusions into two points, the first one where I will talk about the positive answers or the positive side of gaming and in 2nd one, I'll talk ab…

All The PUBG Mobile Players Are Cheaters, Here Is Why

Hey guys, nowadays on Indian YouTube community many controversies are going on related to PUBG mobile players, like the emulator players are cheaters and not playing legit, etc. So in this Article, I am gonna talk about everything that everyone needs to know about PUBG mobile. First of all, make it sure that I am not a hater or spreading hate against any PUBG mobile player but there are many things that you need to know about them, I mean why they are too good at this game and all.
Guys, honestly I don't think any of them is pro player because there are many things that make me feel like they are absolutely cheating, not in hacker way but yeah they are cheating in a different way, if you don't know, PUBG mobile got an aim assist option that helps players to aim correctly or helps in aiming properly, but it was added to help mobile players, not emulator ones but if an emulator player uses it then it is clearly unfair, ok now tell why do they even need aim assist? When you alre…

Call of Duty Mobile, will it Survive?

Hey, guys recently Activision finally revealed its upcoming Call of Duty mobile game, now is available for pre-registration on the website, google play and apple app store but will it survive like PUBG? Then my answer depends on 2 conditions that I'm going to explain below.

Condition one - Make it free
After watching the trailer, I feel like this game have the potential to grow up faster like PUBG but if Activision makes it paid then I don't think people will buy it because on Android platform people will easily pirate it so it's not a good idea to make it paid, you can add "in-game purchase options" like PUBG but make it free for everyone.
Condition Two - Optimization
Optimization is a big factor in video games nowadays, make sure Activision optimize it to run on most devices with at least 3 GB of system ram because poorly optimized games die as soon as they come to the market, just look at PUBG mobile, how nicely they optimized it to run on almost every device sm…