All The PUBG Mobile Players Are Cheaters, Here Is Why

Hey guys, nowadays on Indian YouTube community many controversies are going on related to PUBG mobile players, like the emulator players are cheaters and not playing legit, etc. So in this Article, I am gonna talk about everything that everyone needs to know about PUBG mobile. First of all, make it sure that I am not a hater or spreading hate against any PUBG mobile player but there are many things that you need to know about them, I mean why they are too good at this game and all.
Guys, honestly I don't think any of them is pro player because there are many things that make me feel like they are absolutely cheating, not in hacker way but yeah they are cheating in a different way, if you don't know, PUBG mobile got an aim assist option that helps players to aim correctly or helps in aiming properly, but it was added to help mobile players, not emulator ones but if an emulator player uses it then it is clearly unfair, ok now tell why do they even need aim assist? When you alre…

Call of Duty Mobile, will it Survive?

Hey, guys recently Activision finally revealed its upcoming Call of Duty mobile game, now is available for pre-registration on the website, google play and apple app store but will it survive like PUBG? Then my answer depends on 2 conditions that I'm going to explain below.

Condition one - Make it free
After watching the trailer, I feel like this game have the potential to grow up faster like PUBG but if Activision makes it paid then I don't think people will buy it because on Android platform people will easily pirate it so it's not a good idea to make it paid, you can add "in-game purchase options" like PUBG but make it free for everyone.
Condition Two - Optimization
Optimization is a big factor in video games nowadays, make sure Activision optimize it to run on most devices with at least 3 GB of system ram because poorly optimized games die as soon as they come to the market, just look at PUBG mobile, how nicely they optimized it to run on almost every device sm…

Mad Max

Mad Max is for those who love Post Apocalyptic settings, Mad Max is an open world game set in a collapsed American city "San Francisco".
Honestly, the Graphics are pretty nice and the Story is good too but Gameplay is kinda repetitive and a bit boring, also, you can customize and upgrade your vehicle with weapons and defense elements.
Driving physics are the most loved thing in the game by me, I really enjoyed playing this game for driving, looks too realistic, also, you can go for the cockpit view by pressing the V button on your keyboard.
Gameplay wise if you want to survive or regenerate your health then eat food or drink water, also, to drive long distances, keep your fuel tank full.
The environment looks pretty realistic, and the Strom is insane and dangerous, it is a good idea to take shelter before it comes.
I will recommend you to give it a try but make sure you get it on less than 5-6$

Counter Strike Goobal Offensive 2019

CS:GO is a ruined game by the hackers in the year 2019, but still, a big number of players play it,  because it is addictive.
CS:GO is a fast-paced first-person shooter with Battleroyle twist, but unfortunately, the Battle Royale part is almost dead, you need to wait long for the matches to be found. A good number of weapons like shotguns, pistols, SMGs, snipers, assault rifles and the legendary knife.
Decorate your weapons with great skins that can be purchased from the steam market or can be found in drops.
Many fast-paced and bomb plant game modes like Deathmatch, Casual, Competitive, and War Games.
Make sure communication is everything in this game, so always play with a mic or use the chat box which is quite slow.
This game proves Graphics are not everything in games, Tomato graphics that can be maxed out by almost all the PCs made after 2015.
Since the game is free to play now, you can give it a try