5 Things that you should consider about gaming PC

by - July 29, 2017

We Are Living In Generation Where Gaming Became One Of The Biggest Entertainment Industry And Where PCs Are One Of The Most Powerful Gaming Systems, So Guys Today I Am Going To Tell You Some Things That You Should Not Do With Your Gaming PC Because It May Lead To Permanent Damage In Your System, So Let's Get Started

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Never Overclock If You Are Not Using Water Cooling - Well, it's really a bad idea to overclock a cpu when you have not better cooling system, make sure guys you need a good cooling system to use actual potential of your gaming CPU " via overclocking it " also never overclock till you don't feel requirement.

Buy A Decent Power Supply - Some time when it come to power supply in our gaming system than we always consider budget power supplies or maybe cheap ones some time but guy accept the fact that you need a good or high end power supply from good brands such as corsair, cooler master or evga because good power supply will take care of your CPU from burning or when you would overclock it.

Don't Overkill - This is the biggest thing we should consider that if you are adding more than 16gb on ram in your PC than make sure it is just useless because there is no game developed yet that actually uses 16 gb of ram or more, even 4k gaming require 16gb last, so i would highly recommend you spend budget on other things like gpu and all because these things make sense in gaming performance.

Use SDD ( Solid State Drive ) - Well guys i will recommend you to use a SDD in your system because SDD are even faster than Traditional HDDs, you will see significant difference in loading times games and even os will boot up faster too

Even i5 Is Enough - Most gamer think that they actually need a i7 processor or high end gaming but truth is that even i5 is best or gaming but if you really want to do some side work such as rendering and media production than you need a i7 processor but if you are on gaming only, than i5 is pretty enough so now spent rest bucks on your other components.

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