Dark Souls 3 The Most Difficult Game

by - July 27, 2017

Dark Soul 3 Is Too Difficult 

So, guys, today's article is about one of the most difficult or hardcore games ever made, yeah, of course, it is Dark Souls 3 but can we really sure about it that dark soul is a hardcore level game? okay then let's find it out that why players calling it soo hard.

Well guys in my opinion this game is not that hard like we think about it, this is all depend on our skills, actually many players try to play it like devil may cry and such games which is not a good idea so far in Dark Souls because you need to make good strategies like when to dodge and when to turn back and what gonna happen to next, you cannot fight with bosses directly like other games because in Dark Souls surviving is more important than dying in rush, to make a boss dies you need to survive more and surviving more simply means you are learning weaknesses and strategies of the boss that make the game Dark Souls most difficult game.

Once you learn boss's weakness and his strategies than I am pretty sure you gonna defeat any of them easily, and it is also true that Dark Souls meant to be the most difficult game but good skills and better strategy can make it even easier.

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