FPS - Frame Per Second

by - July 22, 2017

When you are a newbie in the field of media production or gaming "FPS" makes a big role, Guys today we are going to talk about FPS and it's basics, So let's begin 

What is the FPS?

Well FPS is measurement unit for unique images that continually pass in 1 second of animated video or we can say number of frames ( images ) that actually display in 1 sec of animated content called FPS ( Frame Per Second ) for an example if you have a camera that records high definition videos on 30fps that simply means that camera is capturing 30 different images to complete one second video. 

How many FPS human eye can see?

Well human eye can see 5 FPS individually, and 24-30 FPS smoothly if you are watching any video or playing games in less than 20 fps than you will feel lags that actually mean gape between frames that are passing in 1 second, and human eye meant to detect motion and light so it is not easy to answer about its limit.

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