5 Most Hated Games From All Platforms

by - August 08, 2017

Just like Clash Of Clans there are many other games that are hated by gamers the most so lets find out why people hate them-

Well guys we are living in 2017 where gaming become the one of the best entertainment industry where many game developers release such nice game but there are many most played games that are also hated the most, so i am going to list all those games with possible reasons of hate.

1.Call Of Duty Infinity Warfare ( PC,Xbox, PlayStation ) - 

Since call of duty franchise known as one of the most famous FPS war game maker, than why CODIW failed to gain the reputation? like you can see 578K like and 3 Million dislikes ? wtf, actually it happened because call of duty fans love its traditional or classical gameplay, but all they were doing was making call of duty futuristic every year and this was the only reason CODIW was biggest failed but still the most played game.

2.Candy Crush ( Android, iOS, Windows 10 and WP ) - 

The most famous but the most hated game ? yeah its because most of pc and console gamers think like this is a girlish and made for girls, and most worst this thing is that you receive to many request on Facebook which is quite irritating, however still the most played smartphone game yet.

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3.No Man's Sky ( PS4, Windows ) -

Hate happens when developer promise many things but failed to complete them, same thing happened with no mans sky because developer kept too many promises but unfortunately the developer could not fulfilled the promises and the game look unfinished and rushed with a pretty useless open world and this was the only reason game regret purchasing.

4. Fast And The Furious Showdown ( PC,Xbox, PlayStation ) -

Since we all know that the games that are based on movies sucks most of the time same thing happened with fast and the furious showdown, when players played it they actually regrett purchasing it because of  cheap cute scenes, unrealistic physics ( maybe no physics at all ) and worst graphics in a modern time based game, this game was also full of bugs and this was the only reason most of gamers hated it.

5.ARK ( PS 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac Os, Linux ) - 

The simple answer about hating this game is that no one like a worst optimized game that takes up to 10 minutes even in a i7 processor to load ? would you play it ? and the graphics even sucks.

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