Anti Aliasing

by - August 06, 2017

Anti Aliasing


Hi, all today we are going to talk about Anti Aliasing, you may have seen already in computer games that there is an option called Anti Aliasing and many of us always try to know what it actually does? So let's find out what Anti Aliasing is?

Anti Aliasing is basically a software Technic in computer graphic that Diminishes Jaggies and makes strips smooth, or if you want to understand even more simply than  Anti Aliasing is a technique to fix game graphics tearing and make graphics look even better with smoother strips.

Kinds Of Anti Aliasing

There are many kinds of AA ( Anti Aliasing ) such as - 

  • FSAA ( Full Screen Anti Aliasing ) 
  • SSAA ( Super Sampling Anti Aliasing )
  • MSAA ( Multi Sampling Anti Aliasing )
  • EQAA ( Enhanced Quality Anti Aliasing )
  • MLAA ( Morphological Anti Aliasing )
  • TXAA ( Temporal Anti Aliasing )
  • SMAA ( Sub pixel Morphological Anti Aliasing )

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