Bound By Flame Failure And Reasons Of Underrating

by - August 01, 2017

Bound By Flame 

Hi everyone if you ever played Bound By Flame than i am sure you might be felt like this game is definitely under or low rated game, so let's talk about Bound By Flame in our today's article and find out why it is under rated but before we start talking about Bound By Flame this game was released on play station 3 and 4, xbox and Microsoft windows in 2014.

Reasons why this game was underrated ?

Well guys everyone love skill based game but even this game was based on skills got lower reviews and ratings, but do we every tried to no why ? Actually just like me "you also love playing RPG games with such good combat system and such awesome powers but thing is that when it comes to open world game the game play should be different than games we play in story mode like when you start playing the game you felt like the game play is really good but after killing the first boss and moving to the jungle you start feeling like this game is really too complicated to play because after when you reach to the town all you need to do is picking up quests from people, and completing them via killing tons of monsters, side quests are good but main thing is that they are not connected to the story anyhow and this thing make us feel awkward like how the developers can do this ? One more problem was that the in game dialogues were unrealistic which is quite not good in a rpg game.
After talking about side quests and all now time to talk about the game length or completion duration or maybe how long Bound By Flame takes to complete, than guys i am pretty sure you can finish the entire game in less than 20 hours which is really a bad thing for Role Playing based game, because we love long lusting story and kinda nice game play where Bound By Flame fail to prove itself, its more likely a mini RPG game based on a simple story and a good looking open world, i personally liked the combat system but many things make this game bad comparing other RPG games.

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