Do Clash Of Clan Players Should Consider A Gamer ?

by - August 03, 2017

Before we start talking about this topic first let's know something about clash of clans, well guys clash of clans is world's most played strategy smartphone game which is played by more than 300 million players world wide, released on August 2, 2012 by Supercell.

After looking at the basic information now let's start talking about the main topic "Do Clash Of Clan Players Should Consider A Gamer"

Since we everyone clash of clans is a strategy game where we need to build our base and protect it from other clashers blah blah..but the thing is that why many gamers don't accept it that the clash of clan players should consider gamers? well answer is that either they think like gaming means racing, action, fps, and rpgs because they need skills where clash of clan is not a skill based game but yeah a mind based game, one reason is that they are not good in strategy based games and according to them the genre should not be called a gaming genre, or maybe they always play games on PCs and Consoles because since I researched about the Clash of Clan haters I found that most of them were PC and console gamer and when ever they game on smartphones it makes them feel really odd looking at their graphics and game play.

Well guys according to me there is nothing like clash of clan players are not gamer because game means, something we do for time pass no matter it is a skill based game or mind based or no matter what platform you are playing on, every other mobile gamer should be considered as a gamer, for an example water is a water no matter where it comes from, either sea or a river.

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