How To Install Trainer In GTA V ?

by - August 18, 2017

Hi guys you may have seen many Gamers and YouTubers using trainers in GTA V single player game that enables you to do cheating without using any cheat code, trainers are simply mods that allow you to unable disable game option such as if you want to disable police than you can do it using trainer and if you want to spawn any vehicle such as car, helicopter or airplane than trainer make it possible with some hotkeys while playing the game, so guys lets find out how to install a trainer in GTA v, follow my steps to do that -

How To Install Trainer In GTA V

Things you need -

Freshly installed GTA V game, Trainer and.Asi loader

What is .asi loader ?

Well, asi loader enables gta games to load .asi mods such as CLEO plugins and trainers.
You Can Download The ASI Loader From here

( ASI loader can be called Script Hook V too )

After you downloaded trainer and asi loader now time to follow these very simple steps

Step One - Extract the " Trainer " and "Asi Loader ( Scripthook.dll ) from the .zip or .rar files.

Step Two - After you extract both of zip files now copy the scripthook.dll that you have extracted from the scripthook zip file and paste it into the game folder where the " gtav.exe " is located.

Step Three - Now copy all the trainer files that you have extracted from the zip file and paste them into the "GTA V" folder ( do the same process like you have done for asi loader )

Final Step - Run the game and press F3 or F4 to make it sure that trainer is running or no and use num pad 4,2,6,8 access the trainer.

Note:- when you extract Scripthook zip file make sure you only copy  scripthook.dll in the game folder, because it comes with a simple native trainer which is quite buggy and crashes the game much time, in simple words copy scripthook.dll only to the game folder.

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