The 5 most important things that a Streamer should know ?

by - August 26, 2017

The 5 most important things that a Streamer should know?

Well after long we are going to talk about something good lol yes it's about streaming?
Before we go further talking about the most important things that a streamer should know first tell me in the comment box that is you also a streamer? And what are your experiences?

Now let's back to our main topic so guys today I am gonna give some tips about streaming and things that you shouldn't do while streaming and before you do streaming so let's begin -

1. The first thing that you should know is that make sure you have a good voice friendly mic because people gonna hate your breath sound, and also you need to balance the recording playback and game audio so that viewers can hear you properly.

2. Be good to your viewers even if they abuse you, just ignore them because if you gonna notice them surely you will distract from your live stream.

3. A good net connection requires for nonstop live streams if you are using less than 400 kbps network than go for 480p or lower which not good resolution for live stream gaming so better go for 720p at last with around 1-2 Mbps high-speed data connection.

4. Be confident while replying to user comments and question while live stream.

5. If you are on a low-end pc than make sure you adjust the graphics level to get at last 30fps so that viewers won't get angry seeing lags too much.

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