What is GPU ?

by - August 28, 2017

GPU ( Graphics Processing Unit )

Are you new to gaming ? Do the word " GPU " make you feel like " what the hell is that ? Whenever you google too many answer confuse your mind ? Than today my article gonna simplify this thing, i am going to make GPU definition even easier so let's begin

What is GPU ?

Well guys GPU means a computer unit that process graphical works such as 3D rendering, images 
and industrial works such as film visual effects, scientific researches etc, we can say GPU is all about processing graphics in your computer, smartphone or some other devices

Kinds Of GPU

There is only two type of GPU

1. Integrated Graphics

Integrated graphics means GPU that comes pre installed with your system like if you are using a Intel processor than your system will come with Intel hd graphics which is integrated graphics in your system that cannot be replaced and also it is a kind of basic GPU.

2. External Graphic Card / External Graphics / Graphic Cards / External Graphics

Call whatever you like to call it but it simply means graphic that you additionally add to your system, i mean do you heard of graphic card ? And know how to install them exactly this is what i am talking about, external graphic means graphic card that you install into the PCI slot, external graphic cards are mostly powerful cards in compare of integrated graphics and can be replaced with more powerful card whenever you want.

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