3 Most Known Game Music

by - September 11, 2017

So many games come and go but some games remain in our soul forever because of their legendary game play, story and one most important thing " their sound tracks " yes guys today i have listed top 3 most known sound tracks that every other gamer loved, if you hear them you will definitely come to know what game it was.

1. Make it bum dem -  SkrillexDamian Marley - Far Cry 3

If you ever played far cry 3 than you will definitely love this music, its kinda suit on the game mission i mean burning the weed field was kinda awesome with this music, a good mission with combined awesome sound track is what a gamer wants, because it make us feel like we are in the game.

2. Born too slow -  The Crystal Method - Need For Speed Underground 

In 2003 this music was introduced in Need For Speed Underground, and got too many fans, even till now there are many people who love this song and play it while driving or playing any game.

3. GTA San Andreas Theme Song - GTA SA

 The music was not action filled but it was actually a audio that remain gamers to play legendry GTA SA, well i still play this song while listening to music

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