How to open a cargo plane's back door in GTA V story mode ?

by - September 18, 2017

Hi, all today I am going to show you that how you can actually open the back door of a cargo plane in GTA V, to do that make sure you need a trainer to unable some option like god mode for player and vehicle both like I am using PC Trainer.

Now follow my steps to open the back door of a cargo plane in GTA V single player story mode

Step one - First of all go to any airport

Step two - using PC trainer apply infinity health ( god mode ) cheat code for vehicle and players both.

( make sure that the god mode for vehicles apply when you enter in them so I would recommend you to enable  "Warp In Spawned" cheat from the trainer )

Step three - Now go to the back side of the cargo plane where the door exists and put a "Sticky Bomb" on it and detonate it ( blow it ), congrats the door is open now you can drive any vehicle into the cargo plane's back

( unfortunately, you cannot close the door ) :D

Read how to install the trainer here

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