Lords Of The Fallen Best Alternative To Dark Souls ?

by - September 29, 2017

Lords of the Fallen is one of the best action role playing game that was released in past 2014 for PC and consoles, i was reading game articles and that time i found many gamer was talking about lords of the fallen and dark souls similarity than i decided to install lords if the fallen from the steam and i played it, i realized that those articles was real about both games similarity, I mean it seems like lords of the fallen is a clone to the Dark Souls looking at the game play, story and the combat system, Visuals are great though but there are some things that make lords of the fallen clunkier against its rival Dark souls, if you ever played lords of the fallen than i am pretty sure you have noticed some odd things like late response while dodging or rolling ( delay between button pressing and action ), in simple words if you are trying to do a roll in right side than you will will press the buttons but your character do that action after 2-3 secs which is quite a odd thing for gamers because it actually make the game boring or kinda difficult to kill bosses.

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This game is actually a clone but lack of smoothness that dark souls have got, even the weapon range is lower in the compare of dark souls, moving foreword if we talk about the setting and the environment  than you gonna feel lack of reality in comparison of dark souls. the game is good though in its own way but the combat system is actually a big problem like i have mentioned above about the delay and the late response, rest all is okay and a great work done but deck 13 team.

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