Watch Dogs 2 Failure

by - September 03, 2017

Looking at sells watch dogs lose the battle behind it's original game watch dogs but do anyone know why it happen ? so today let's talk about watch dogs 2 failures, make sure guys all these things below that i am going to tell you is all on my own opinions and maybe different from yours so if you have your own opinion than you can comment below into the comment box.

Why Do Watch Dogs 2 Failed

Putting "story" beside we'll only talk about why do players lose interest in watch dogs 2 ? the first thing according me was watch dogs games are kinda boring after completing the story mode because you have nothing to do after that like GTA V and some other open world games, another thing is that watch dogs series never been good in terms of driving nor on free roam, well if we talk about modern setting open world game than all we need is a true open world where we can do whatever we like to do no matter we want to fly a airplane or dive into the water or do a sky dive where watch dogs failed to do and that thing actually make watch dogs 2 a boring game after playing the story mode.

Concept of hacking is good though but its quite easy and make boring after doing it some couple of time, hacking anything with just one button ? i am pretty sure no one going to like in every other game from same franchise, they should do different like they already did one button hacking in original watch dogs but doing same thing with some more features is kind good but not a big upgrade to the game, Ubisoft always upgrade the graphics and the environment but never try to change the game play like we have seen in assassins creed series, only graphics, map and environment upgraded but game play remain the same which is not good and its like they are dropping the fan base, same thing they have done with watch dogs 2 only graphics story line and setting changed but the game play remain the same in many ways that's why many people thought it would be waste after completing the story mode.

So my suggestion to the Ubisoft is that you should maintain balance between gameplay and story line because people mostly focus on story and gameplay than graphics. 

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