XBOX One Keyboard And Mouse Support Is Coming

by - September 07, 2017

Well nice to hear that a update going to make Microsoft's gaming console Xbox one support keyboard and mouse, its interesting but not innovative because only 20% gamers will use mouse keyboard in a console barely but if we talk about first person shooter games than it gonna be pretty nice because mouse and keyboard bring much better experience than the controllers, many gamers tweeted that Microsoft cannot do this but according to me they will make it reality but the main question is that how long it will take to drop the updates ? well, no guesses about this because its all depend on the developers, all we can do is wait only.

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I am personally waiting for this update because one of my friend owns a Xbox one and i am curios to test keyboard and mouse in a console lol, hopefully i will make a video also and upload it to our official you tube channel.

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