Cyberline Racing - Review

by - October 27, 2017

We loved death race movies, didn't we? Well, guys today we are talking about a game "Cyberline Racing" which is totally inspired by movie Death Race, even the gameplay but the setting is kinda futuristic with tons of vehicles and available for free on both Apple iTunes and Google Play Store, so now let's start talking about it.

Developer - Creative Mobile Publishing
Availability - Android and iOS
Genre - Action, and Racing

Story And The Gameplay

This game is set in a late 21st century and inspired by Death Race movie, basically, a powerful organization named Cyberline Corp created a game where you need to win to live.
If we talk about the gameplay than it is a Racing game where cars are equipped with powerful weapons like rocket launchers, lasers etc. Run for your life pickup up weapons and shoot your rivals, get health and armor.

Feature And Game Modes

Well, this game has 4 game modes, Championship, Pro Races, Cash Races and Online Cup where you can beat up your rivals and blow them up.
Beside game modes, this game contents some nice feature that is listed below

- 33 unique vehicles to drive

- Inventory to collect materials

- 3 different controlling system including Steering wheel, Buttons, and Tilt with adjustable sensitivity

- Upgrade weapons

- Customize your vehicles into the junkyard  

- many locations to explore from snowy mountains to deserts, cyber cities, and slums.

- 1000+ career events and more than 100 level of upgrade

Graphics And Optimization

Well optimized game to run on devices having 512 GB or 1 GB ram without any problem, Graphics are really nice without any glitches and bugs, there is no option to set the graphics settings according to yourself

Things I've liked About This Game

I liked the gameplay very much because I can carry weapons on my car while burning the asphalt of 2084.
This game has good number of vehicles which is really nice and also high level of upgrades
Can run on any device and great level of support

Things  Didn't Like

The car controlling is totally worst part of this game, personally, in this game, i hated the steering.


Story & Gameplay - 4.2/5.0
Graphics and Optimization - 4.5/5.0
Controlling - 3.8/5.0
Overall - 4.1/5.0

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