Subdivision Infinity Review

by - October 19, 2017

Hi all welcome to the Players Vibe game reviews, today we are going to review "Subdivision Infinity" which is a sci-fi third-person based space shooter for android and ios both platform, it doesn't cost anything on android store but if you are looking to get it on ios devices than you need to pay around 4.98$ on the iTunes store.

Developer - Crescent Moon Games
Availability - Android and iOS

Story And The Gameplay
If we talk about the story than this game doesn't contain any story or something, yes you will see many dialogues that will make you feel like this game is based on story but it is actually not,
Now let's talk about the gameplay, well guys gameplay is pretty simple, all you need to do is shooting the space crafts, asteroids etc.

Features And Game Modes
This game contains some nice features that this game should have so let's explore them all below

- 5 Different locations including over 40 missions
- Tilt and Touch controls, use whatever suits you
- 9 different ships to be fly
- Customize your ship with weapons into the inventory
-You can also do side quests such as exploring, hunting and mining to collect materials and blueprints.

- Get bonus every day
- Destroy ships and fight with unique bosses to keep yourself entertained

Graphics and Optimization
Looking at graphics I am pretty sure you guys gonna like it, I mean stunning graphics make the gameplay experience even batter, blazing light and boom effects and this game is well optimized to run on devices having 1 GB of system ram.

Things I've liked about this game
I liked the exploring systems and side missions with a kinda open world environment, I also liked those realistic space stations floating in the space and the asteroids. 

Things I didn't like
Make sure guys this game is not free on android too, you need to pay 2.99$ to unlock rest 4 locations/solar systems.
The game is good but needs improvements in the combat system, like making it faster.

Story & Gameplay - 4.1/5.0
Graphics and Optimization - 4.9/5.0
Features - 4.5/5.0

Overall - 4.6/5.0 

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