Taichi Panda 3 : Dragon Hunter Review

by - October 30, 2017

Hello everyone, welcome to the " Players Vibe " game reviews, I'm Sam Prajapati and today I am going to introduce a newly released flagship game from "Taichi Panda 3 Dragon Hunter" which is an action-packed free RPG game for android and ios smartphones, so guys without wasting our lets get started reviewing about it.

Developer - Snail Games USA Inc.
Availability - Android and ios
Genre - Action / RPG

Story and Gameplay

Since I played this game for barely an hour I don't know much about the story but this is a fantasy game set in mountains, it is like other available RPG games where you need to develop your character and its skills and Command mount fleets.

Features and Game Modes

This game got many nice gameplay modes such as Single Player, Hunting, Instance, Competition, and League.
Putting modes besides this game also contains some good features that are pretty impressive so let's list them below.

- A new UI to the Android games

- Graphics setting preview is such a nice option to easily show you the difference between different graphics options.

- A Seamless Open world based gameplay.

- Inbuilt game screenshot option.

- Take part in online events and fight with bosses.

- Hunt dragons and You can also join a campus with A unique character lineup.

- On-screen controlling system that you have already seen in many other RPG games.

Graphics and Optimization

Graphics are really nice I mean such nice effort given by the developers to the game graphics, if you look at the vegetation i am pretty sure you gonna like the heavy polygon based trees which is quite realistic also ram and GPU consuming, if we talk about the game visual effects that yes they are pretty nice though, realistic shadows and blazing light effects, but the worst thing is that the game is not optimized well to run on all devices and the quality of the texture is not that sharp, if your device running on 1 Gb or less than you cannot even run very well on lowest graphics settings which seem really bad to me since many graphics intensive games are running very fine on 1 Gb or fewer users.

Things I've Liked About This Game

I really liked the graphics and slashing fight system, also the massive map to be explored m, I personally liked the new UI which quite innovative and easy to understand. The graphics preview system is also nice.

Things I Didn't Like

Honestly, the developer should make the gameplay neat and clean with removing extra elements on the screen during gameplay, because it actually makes no sense also distract you.


Story & Gameplay -  4.1/5.0
Graphics and Optimization - 4.0/5.0
Features - 4.3/5.0

Overall - 4.1/5.0

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