Will there be total overdose 2 ?

by - October 02, 2017

Well most of us gamers have played total overdose in old days this game was released in past 2005 by Eidos Interactive on Play station, Xbox, and PC, the game was a third person open world based game set in Mexico, I also played this game and felt like there should be another total overdose game released in upcoming years because I really liked the gameplay and the stunts were pretty impressive, if you look at the trailer of the game than I am pretty sure you will definitely play this because even the trailer was awesome, but the most awesome thing was those stunts I mean if you ever played Max Payne games and loved that jump and shoot stunt than I am damn sure that you gonna love total over does because it is full of such stunts like you can climb and shoot from the wall at same time, you can shoot while jumping from a car and that slow-motion effect make it even cooler, yes guys you can drive and ride also in total overdose game since it is an open world based game, if you played GTA v and loved the rage ability of Trevor than I am going to make it sure that the skill was inspired by total overdose special abilities,I am not that sure but seeing it i felt like it is inspired by total overdose, but the main question is that there will be any other total overdose  like " total overdose 2 " total overdose reloaded or overdose 2 ? then my answer is " N " because it's more than 12 years spent from the original release of total overdose and still there is no news about upcoming game like it is under development or something so it is clear that the developers are not planning to make a new setting for this game but may do it in future, so let's wait and wish for it lol.

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