Motion Blur In Games Is Just Eye Cancer Claim 95% Gamers

by - November 03, 2017

Hello folks, so our today's article is about motion blur, we'll talk about everything like what motion blur do in games and why do gamers hate it, so people let's begin talking about it.
After researching in around 20-30 gaming communities I found around 90-95% people hate to enable motion blur effects in games but the question is why do they hate it? So guys let's list all the reason below and talk about them shortly.

Reason one - It blurs everything in the game

According to some reason applying motion blur in games make them feel kinda blurry and hide the crispness of textures, you can check it applying motion blur in your games.

Reason two - It is not easy to spot enemies with motion blur enabled 

In fps games like counter strike and pubg it doesn't make any sense because when you enable it, it will no longer let you spot enemies easily like you have done before applied motion blur to your game.

Reason three - It just an eye cancer

Motion blur may help you to focus on things but sometimes it also harms your eyes like if you have ever experienced while moving game camera here and there the extra blur effect directly attack your eyes and bring tears.

Reason four - It just useless on high frame rates

When you turn your head in an fps game than the motion blur will turn everything into blurry details also the character that looks really odd or rubbish, so in modern games, high frame rates will bring crispy motion details to the characters and other moving objects.

Why they bring motion blur in games?

They bring motion blur in games just to mask low frame rates and to create motion effects while the object is moving or falling but it is not good for FPS games because while turning it blurs everything since it meant for motion effects I would like to recommend you to use in racing games only.

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