Dragon Hills 2 Review

by - December 04, 2017

Loved the old "Dragon Hills" than i am pretty sure that you guys gonna love "Dragon Hills 2" too since both are same in gameplay, I'm playing this game from last month and still addicted to it since the game is really awesome and available for free on google app store but costs around $2.99 on apple itunes which is Around 200 rupees.

Developer - Rebel Twins

Genre - Action

Age Rating - 5+

Story and Gameplay

The world is already under attack by zombies Now time to save the mankind with your mechanical dragon.
A tap based action game where you will drill the ground and jump upon the buildings and the cities, fight cowboy zombies, vehicle driver zombies and fight with hardcore bosses.

Features and Modes

Game is only single player no other modes have been added.

- Single hand based gameplay

- Amazing destructible environment

- Graphics settings option

- Upgrade your dragon, power ups and weapons.

- 3 Environment to play

- Achievements and leaderboards to compete with your friends

- Watch ads to earn Gold or to save your life once.

Graphics and Optimization

Well if i talk about the graphics that believe me this game got the best graphics and environment which is totally destructible and this the thing that make this game great beside blazing effects, also the game is nicely optimized to run on all device with one gb of ram and above.

Things I've liked about this game

The gameplay and the totally destructible  environment makes the game such so amazing.


Gameplay and Story - 4.8/5.0
Graphics and Optimization - 5.0/5.0
Features - 4.8/5.0

Overall - 4.9/5.0

Note - This is not a paid review

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