Things That Are Ruining Some Famous Game Franchises

by - December 23, 2017

Hello, everyone so our today's topic is about some famous game franchises like call of duty, need for speed etc. that are about to extinct because of some things that developers are ignoring, in this article we'll read about them shortly, so let's start talking about them.

1. They only focus on visuals

Yes, this is true that today game developers are focusing on graphics primarily but thing is that the worst game with a bad story and decent eye-catching graphics is just waste, they should also focus on gameplay and the story to actually make the game perfect.

2. Short Single Player Campaign

Before some years if we look back then we'll found that games used to have some longer single player campaign like 30+ hours to complete but now games are shorter then 10 hours and can be completed in just 1 or 2 days which is not a good thing so far, single player focused games need to be at least 30+ hour longer because after playing the story mode games are just waste.

3. Wrong Game Settings

From last some years, people are showing their hate towards the call of duty franchise, why so? the major reason is that people like call of duty games to set in the modern time or somewhere during the world war but all call of duty doing is making their game too much futuristic which gamers don't like in the call of duty series that means they are going against their interest and this is the reason people start hating call of duty, like if you know call of duty infinity warfare trailer got more dislikes then likes, I would really say that they need to look at gamer's demand.

4. Bugs and Only Bugs

Today some developers release their game without optimizing it, means first they release their games with too many bugs and then they give huge updates which are not good for gamers who are having a low end internet connection, it just really ruins the fun, like player unknown's battleground, is such a great and trending game but unfortunately most buggy and CPU killer game too, CPU killer because the game is worst optimized not because the game looks decent.

5. Gamers Are Problem

It just not developers who are making mistake but yes we gamers too who force them to focus on graphics more story and gameplay, well today if a game comes out with low graphics but decent gameplay and story, gamer's will call it crap that actually makes non sense because games should be identified with their story and story, not with graphics, even some worst looking games are amazing in terms of story and gameplay, if we talk about today's games then every game looks great but only a few have kinda good gameplay and story, so it is batter to complain about story and gameplay than graphics to the developers.

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