720p Is Becoming Standard Definition In Gaming Industry

by - January 07, 2018

Let's Find Out Why 720p Is Becoming Standard Definition In Gaming Industry

Long ago 720p used to be the highest resolution in Gaming Industry like 4K is now, it was really tough to max out  games in systems at resolution of 720p even most powerful gpu used to struggle hard to run games at good fps but now these days 720p is nothing behind 4K and 1440, and 1080p in terms of gaming, everyone else wish to play games on either 1080p 60fps or some higher, It just not about resolution it about view quality in simple words people now days love watching media and playing games on higher resolutions that mean high and crispy quality, where 720p not worth the salt because even all the smartphones having 720p displays primarily, As the time changes people leave old things behind and run towards new things and latest technology same thing happening with resolutions, The 720p is kinda old now even 1080p getting older behind 4K and 1440p, So what's next ? Well according to me 720p will be no longer primary resolution for any device in 2020 excluding live streams and YouTube videos but I am pretty sure guys that in gaming industry 720p will definitely  become a low-end resolution before end of
the year 2018.

Frankly speaking you guys need to believe above article because even when you look at 720p media, you feel like it just sh** now and time to upgrade to a higher resolution like 1080p, 1440p and 4K, I just wrote my own opinions guys if you think something else then you can put your thoughts into the comment box.

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