Things That People Don't Like About Ubisoft's TPS Open World Games

by - January 29, 2018

Hey all, welcome to the "Players Vibe" and today we'll be talking about the things that people usually don't like in Ubisoft's open world games like Watchdogs and Wildlands,
In this article, we'll talk shortly rather than a huge article because it won't make any sense for the readers so let's begin.

Driving / Riding

The first major thing that makes Ubisoft open world games worst is driving and riding, yes you heard it right actually I played almost all ubisoft games from root to top and I feel like it just no they are who do sick comments about ubisoft open world games now I am also feeling the same about the driving and riding, The handling of vehicles is kinda unrealistic and not comfortable, it makes me feel like I am playing a just cause game lol i am not joking I felt it after spending hours on these games.

Sick Animations and Ragdoll Physics

Definitely, I realized it that the animations are really sick when you see them walking and also if you bump your car into a ped them I am pretty sure you gonna hate the game because they are completely unrealistic and can never be compared to GTA ones.

Low Variety of Vehicles

Yes, this thing also not make any sense because people love having a great variety of vehicle in open world games where Ubisoft lack of them.

Can't Fly

Especially in Watch Dogs franchise people really miss the feel of flying air crafts like they do in GTA and some other open world games, even there is not even a single airport in any watchdog games.

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