Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Review

by - January 20, 2018

Hi everyone "Ghost Recon Wildlands" when you hear this word a game with amazing graphics and gameplay comes to your mind? Isn't it? Well yes Ghost Recon Wildlands got such so amazing graphics, gameplay and story or in simple words it just a great combination of those three things but according to me there are some things that actually made me think of this game could be better if they worked on some parts even better, So, guys, lets talk about those things shortly below

"Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, Released on March 07, 2017 is a TTS ( Tactical Shooter ) Game developed by Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft"
So let's begin talking about all the things one by one-

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Graphics - First of all if we talk about Ghost Recon Wildland's graphics then i am pretty sure this game got the most gorgeous graphics and environment in games released in recent years, looks so realistic from mountains to lands, snow to the jungles everything seems amazing as I played this game for hours, great bloom effects, real time dynamic shadows and crispy textures, great level of draw distance, and lighting, also the rain effects look pretty real but still one thing that missing is reflection of character and any random moving object on the water and the night shadows also don't look that great.

Setting - Ghost recon wildlands set in Bolivia, a landlocked South American nation, such a huge and beautiful map filled with wildlife and snowy, sunny, rainy and dry environment with an amazing day-night cycle.

Gameplay - Since it is a TTS ( Tactical Shooter ) you gonna experience such impressive gameplay with many side missions, intel missions, also you can tag supplies on various things like food, ammo and even more, Drive many types of vehicles like cars trucks vans minibusses, fly armed and unarmed helicopters and planes, ride bikes and sand vehicles also you can go for boats, Use your drone and binoculars to spot enemies, also you can use your drone to record audios, many weapons like MK249, PSG, L115A3, SASG-12 and even more can be equiped from the lodout, upgrade them add accessories for even much better experince, you can also choose auto and sami automatic firearm shooting modes.

Animations / Ragdoll / Character Physics - Well saying honestly but I feel quite bad for the animations in Wildlands, Okay let me explain to you why I am saying like this so whenever I hit a pad it actually makes me feel like I am hitting a weightless thing, even their animation sucks when I hit them I mean either they overlap in the car model or go through my car some time, even the ragdoll physics not that good and makes me feel like I am playing a 6-7-year-old just cause game, Ubisoft should also focus on the Animation and Physics.

Driving / Riding / Flying - Ubisoft done nice job in flying but when it comes to driving I don't like the handling physics because its response rate is quite slow I mean if you wanna take a turn, Then your car won't turn as soon as you press the button instead it will take some mini secs to do that and this thing makes me think like Ubisoft's handling always sucks expect far cry games.

Ratings - 

Graphics - 9/10
Gamplay - 8/10
Animation - 8/10
Driving - 7/ 10 

Overall - 8/10

Well, game is just so amazing beside some bads like animations and handling but if you don't notice them this game is just a masterpiece, I do play it more them 3 hours a day and I am really addicted to its gameplay, I would recommend you to give a try, you can watch some of my gameplay videos below

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