Why PUBG is so popular and Why do some people hate it?

by - January 12, 2018

Well 2017 was a PUBG year but what made player unknown's battleground famous this much? And why do many gamers hate it? So today we'll talk about both of the above quarry in shorts, like how the game risen and why it facing hate from many gamers so lets begin.  

"PUBG, which is also known as Player Unknown's Battleground was released on March 23, 2017"

Why PUBG is so Popular ?

Reason behind so popularity is that the gameplay is kinda new for people, In simple words PUBG is an open world based survival game similar to other games but got many new things that attracts gamers like you won't respawn again after you die during a match but you can spectre your teammates and can join other matches, The maps are really huge and every other gamer love playing an open world game having huge maps.

Human mentality be like if a famous person uses a product, We also start using it? That's the thing happened with PUBG also many games deliver much batter then PUBG but unfortunately gamers love to play PUBG and some want to give a try just because famous gamers and friends are playing.

Reasons Behind Hating PUBG?

The only reason behind hate is that the game is poorly optimized to run on even high end hardware and also full of bugs that make gamers feel like this game is either incomplete or maybe they are slow in providing updates, Honestly after the 1.0 still many graphics card cannot run it in high settings, so I would suggest the developers that either release a game after polishing everything or let it be on beta or early access.  

Thanking you for reading guys and if you disagree with any part of my article then you can put into the comment box.

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