Paladins Review

by - February 08, 2018

Hello all, welcome to the Players Vibe game reviews and today we'll be talking about "Paladins" which an ancient technology based hero shooter with ultimate customizations, People compare it with Overwatch but I don't think so they should do it, so people let's start talking about "Paladins".

Developer - Hi-Rez Studio
Genre - Shooter, Action

Platform Availability - Windows, Mac, Playstation 4, Xbox One

( One good thing is that this game is absolutely free )

Story / Gameplay

Well this is not a story based game but we can talk about the gameplay briefly, This is an FPS and TPS both type of game combined with extraordinary powers and special abilities to master, basically the gameplay divided in 3 different modes that I am going to explain below briefly.

1. Deathmatch

Well in deathmatch the team who get 40 kills first will be the winner of the game in simple words to get victory your team needs to complete 40 kills before the rivals team.

2. Onslaught

In this game mode, you need to capture the point holding the same position without interruption from rivals, the team who will complete 400 points first will be the winner of the game.

3. Siege

This is one of the best game modes I ever seen in multiplayer games, in this mode basically, you need to guard and push the payload to the rival team's base.

Other modes

1. Training mode

Train yourself  with AI opponents, really helpful to master in skills when you get a new player

2. Competitive

Well game has several tiers to achieve from bronze to grandmaster, play Competitive to achieve, player without a tier will be known as qualifying


- Level up no matter how you play
- Change from FPS to TPS with single press
- More than 30 heroes to play
- Carding system, unlock cases and upgrades heroes and their powers.
- Gold reward every day you log in
- Push to talk
- Create lobby and play with your friends


Such beautiful cartoonish graphics with quite good physics and effects, Graphics are average but really good.

People shouldn't compare this game with Overwatch because of some reasons I am mentioning below -

Number one - Overwatch is not free where Paladins delivering amazing experience even if it is free of any cost.

Number two - The gameplay maybe same but still paladins have much better heroes and skills.

Number Three - Much better optimized to run on all systems

Things I've Liked About This Game

The fast paced gameplay deliver such amazing experience, I've spent many hours playing paladins with my friends and random people and I really liked it.

Things I Didn't Like

Well it takes really to much time to load this is the only thing I hated rest all is okay

Ratings -

Age Rating - 13+
Graphics And Optimization - 8 / 10
Gameplay - 9 / 10
Game Modes - 10 / 10

Overall - 8.5 / 10

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