PUBG Already Sold 30M Copies But Only Fewer People Are Playing, Why?

by - February 18, 2018

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Lets Find Out Why Big Number Of Players Are Dropping From PUBG ( Player Unknown's Battleground )

Welcome, to the Players Vibe guys and today we are going to talk about the most trending topic of the month, you guys may see many posts talking about large number of players giving up on PUBG, but question is that why this thing happening with such a popular title? Okay, let's figure out this guys.

As I researched on 4-5 of my friends who play PUBG ( Player Unknown's Battleground ) i got my answer to this large number of player drop, I was noticing a thing from couple of weeks that my friends who used to play PUBG everyday are now playing CS go and other games most then i start researching about this thing and asked them about this thing that why you guys are not playing PUBG these days? I got answer what i expected, yes it was all about hackers all of then told me same thing.
"Hackers ruining the game" Large number of hackers in PUBG " etc.

In simple words the reason behind the large number of player drop are Cheaters, according to some sources the number of Players fall from 3 million to 2.5 million last month, which is such a bad news for the PUBG developers, Now the should find a way to get rid of cheaters or the player drop will be continue.

" If you are a pubg player and given upon this game then put your opinions in the comment box below "

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