GTA 5 worth buying in 2018 ?

by - March 14, 2018

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Hello guys, Sam Prajapati here and today we'll be talking about GTA 5 and so is it really worth to buy in 2018? Let's find it out.

My Own Opinions

Well, it was more than 4 years of GTA 5 released but our main question is that GTA 5 really worth buying in 2018? So my answer is yes because according to rumours the next installment in GTA franchise will introduce a new direction to the series because now they are going to bring many cities together also a Female protagonist, which is quite interesting, But if these rumours are true then I'm pretty sure guys GTA 6 or whatever going to take more then 2-3 years because of development processes, beta testing, and all stuff plus the rumours are already taking the release date to 2022 which is really long to go.
So guys if you are planning to purchase GTA 5 then go for it because the next installment going to take some years, get your game and enjoying the GTA Online fun.

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