They should learn from Metro Last Light Redux

by - March 07, 2018

Hello, gamers did you saw that weird title saying " they should learn from metro last light"? Actually today I am going to talk about Metro Last Light Redux game and what other fps shooters should learn from it.

"Metro Last Light Redux is a 4 year old game released on August 26th, 2014 and still hold the great Graphics record" 

Honestly I spent more than 30 hours of playing this game on my pc in last month and I am feeling quite awesome because this game actually got something I wanted to see in an Apocalypse based game, I'm not planning to take this post longer but seriously guys this game deserve hands up, I mean from Graphics to Animation, Story to Gameplay the developers have done great job, You can burn the webs ? With your lighter yeah that's really nice detail given in this game, even the Rain looks so real for a 2014 game not talking about the quality but about the sounds and details that made me feel like it was actually Raining, The guns and their sounds seem so realistic and attachments are fun, Great gameplay according to its setting I mean if you won't wear a gas mask then you can't survive really long, You need to find filters to increase gas time.

Amazing details

Greatly detailed models like Creatures, World and Weapons and everything else, thing that other game developers should learn is providing a quality gameplay where skills matter more, better accessibility, a great single player campaign with better game mechanics that's what a modern game should include, also they should not just provide good graphics but realism also where you can interact better with world parts like metro last light redux have done providing such awesome details in graphics, animation, and gameplay.
In simple words I want other developers to focus on Realism beside good graphics, great Story besides multiplayer campaign ( if available ), Animations and a innovative gameplay.

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