Things we know about up coming GTA 6 so far

by - March 07, 2018

Hey, people what's up? Heard news about GTA 6? Too much excited to see Trailer, Reveal or Announcements? Well yesterday I saw a news talking about GTA 6 Setting, Female Lead protagonist and more, Today guys I'm going to put my own opinions about this topic and thing I know so far so let's begin

"This is not an official art work or poster of up coming GTA title, It just a reference image for our article" 

What VG247 Claims ?

According to a news on VG247 ( gaming news website ) GTA will set in Vice City ( Miami ) and now they are introducing a Female lead protagonist for the first time, Also you'll be able to fly in some of East America cities which is quite exciting but do this thing really going to happen ? Let's find out

From last 7-8 months I'm ready articles news and rumors about the up coming title in GTA franchise like it is going yo set in vice city, going to introduce a female characters bla bla till then I used to think like all these news and articles are just rumors or just ideas but as recently I saw news on a reputed gaming website now I'm believing like it gonna happen for sure like traveling to one to another city, female protagonist and the vice city setting.

Once I read somewhere that Rockstar Games going to introduce multi cities in their up coming GTA title like they already done in GTA San Andreas but now they'll do it better like via making the map really huge, also they'll connect cities with long bridges, more vegetation, mountains and jungles, in simple words maybe in GTA 6 we are going to drive even long then GTA 5, also Rockstar can introduce Multi Airport system like we have already seen in GTA San Andreas etc.

If we talk about the release date of GTA 6 then guys I am pretty sure it is going to take long because of Huge setting, big story, and realism so according to me the release date will be definitely fall between 2021 to 2023 

My Opinions

I am not sure about anything but two things that always catch my attention are Vice city setting and Traveling to one city to another for some missions I am also not sure about these but many reputed website claims it.

Now this is your time guys put your opinions into the comment box about latest GTA 6 news or rumor whatever we call it.

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