What's New In Asphalt 9 Legends?

by - March 10, 2018

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What's up, everybody? Recently on 26th February Gameloft Released the 9th title on Asphalt game franchise on iOS platform so in simple words I didn't play the game on my own smartphone since it is an android device but I got to play on my friend's smartphone, So guys today I'm gonna tell what major changes that Gameloft made in their 9th title in Asphalt game franchise, Let's begin

Well, the biggest change is that now this time got actual console type graphics in a smartphone from shadows to terrain, lighting to reflections everything looks so realistic now.
Also, the new physics engine is just so good whenever you drive a car you'll definitely feel like you are playing this game on a console because of realistic car damage and motion physics.
Also, minor changes in-car cameras like the default camera is now closer to the screen or I can say that the camera is now closer to the car.

Five race modes like Classic, Stunts, Elimination, Overclock and Time Attack, Stunts is quite new where you have to perform many stunts as you can within the time limit.

Seven new realistic looking tracks in San Francisco, Alps, Himalayas, Cairo, Shanghai, Rome, and Scotland but one thing that Gameloft missed I really want back is the Police Chases, Yeah it was awesome driving reckless in wanted levels in older titles of Asphalt franchises, now they should bring it back because there not much difference between asphalt 8 and the new asphalt 9 only physics and graphics seems upgraded.

Let's hope for the Android availability, there is no official news till now about android platform release.

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