Metro Last Light Redux Review

by - April 02, 2018

"Metro Last Light Redux almost 4 years old now but still hold best graphics game record"

Hello, guys today I'm going to review "Metro Last Light Redux" which is a compilation package and remastered version of both games Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light released in August 2014.
Platform - Play Station, Xbox, PC, OS X, Linux

Main Protagonist - Artyom

So in this review, we'll talk about some game elements like Graphic, Gameplay, Animations and All, we'll not talk about the Story because you can read it on Wikipedia further.

Graphics- As usual first of all we'll talk about the Graphics since this game was one of the most demanding game in its time, I completed this game 2 weeks ago ( Yes I'm quite late to play ) and talking with my own experience, I feel like this game got one of the most realism graphics from burning the webs to shooting the monsters everything looks very realistic, even the bloom effects, shadows, textures and detailing are just pretty Impressive that makes this game such a piece of great work, Dynamic shadows, Flowing of the Blood from the wounds also very detailed, according to me Metro Last Light Redux got such amazing graphics seeing it's released date I mean this game is around 4-5-year-old now and still hold the best graphics game medal.

Gameplay- First Person Participative based game, where you can purchase ammo upgrade your weapons, can add weapon accessories like aim sights, silencer and more, purchase C4, Grenades and Fir bombs to use into the battles, uses a note to see the objectives and
compass to find the way also a lighter to see into the dark, you can drive a rail car etc.

Game Setting- A post-apocalyptic based game set in Moscow's metro system after a great nuclear war

Main Objective- Finding the mysterious creature dark ones

Game Animations- well if we talk about the animations of characters, weapons, and objects then I would really salute the developers for their hard work, Because the animations are pretty realistic and won't let you feel like you're playing a game actually, The guns reloading and shooting animations makes me play this game twice but since I don't have too much time I can't play it lol also the character animations are pretty nice.

Game modes- Metro Last Light Redux is a story based game and doesn't offer any multiplayer mode.

My Own Opinions- Well guys this was my first game in Metro franchise I mean I never played any other metro game before it and I really liked this game because of great graphics combined with great story and gameplay and I and this game made me play Metro Exodus when it releases.
Worth Buying In 2018?

Yes, of course, you can purchase this game in 2018 because the story is never going older also it's a single player game so there is no age lol.

Ratings -

Gameplay - 8.9/10
Graphics - 9.0/10
Story - 9.5/10

Overall - 9.4/10

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