Battlefield V What's New ?

by - May 24, 2018

EA finally announced "Battlefield 5" today which is 2nd installment in its storied franchise and 5th title of main series set in World War II , Releasing october 19, 2018

"This is not an official art work of Battlefield 5"

What's new

Now this time Dice introducing a female protagonist in the game, also trending competitive battle royle modes that seems quite interesting, the game will be focused on squad based gameplay, every time you join a match you'll be put to a squad, according to
The Verge the game moto is "stay with your squad, play with your squad that directly indicates that game is totally based on squad.

The character mechanics are improved also the game healing system is now totally depend on the healer and the wounded person itself.

The physics are now based on real time calculations, I mean the environmental destruction is real time and not based on pre rendered animations.

Well, after watching the trailer and reading many article over the internet I'm pretty excited for the up coming Battlefield 5, I'm excited because this time Dice is making huge changes to the gameplay, mechanics, physics and the story, let's wait for the official release. 

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