Reasons, Why I Love Prince of Persia Warrior Within

by - May 06, 2018

Wassup people welcome to the Players Vibe blog and today we gonna talk about the Prince of Persia Warrior Within, basically, I'm gonna share my own opinions about Prince of Persia warrior within with you that what things made me fall in love with this game, so guys let's start talking about it

"Prince of Persia Warrior Within which is a sequel to the Prince of Persia Sands of Time was released on November 30, 2004"

Well, guys, I played this game in 2010 honestly during school days and this was the only game that filled my expectations but how? Actually, I always wanted to play a game that is full of action, some kinda great music and an awesome storyline where Prince of Persia include all three things,
The fighting system in Prince of Persia warrior within is just satisfying I mean creating combos, death from above, wall flip kill, throwing the knife, using insane powers like stopping or reversing the time, and that slow motion while killing an enemy was just fun.

Now let's talk about the Gameplay then guys Prince of Persia got some awesome mind satisfying stuff like solving the puzzles, activating the towers, finding the life upgrades that was really difficult to do, Running on the walls, beating the big number of monsters, completing alternative endings, also the in-game rock music puts 4 passion moon to the game beauty in simple words the great music makes the game more perfect.

The dahaka chases were really awesome, I mean every time when dahaka appeared I was like wtf this thing is ? it looks so scary man, how the hell I would defeat it but I defeated him with water sword in the alternative ending.

Well, guys warrior within is the best game in the trilogy or in the entire franchise because this game got such an amazing mid-dark tone environment, with great music and mind satisfying gameplay.

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