What is killing CS:GO ?

by - May 17, 2018

"Counter Strike Global Offensive Was Released On 21 August 2012"

Hey Guys, welcome to the Players Vibe and today we gonna talk about that what actually killing counter strike global offensive, so let's don't waste the time and begin.

Well, guys nowadays we can a big number of player drop in most loved first-person multiplayer shooter "counter strike global offensive " but what making such thing happen? We' find out in this video but before that, I'll clear your mind about one thing that you hear again and again over the internet.

Can you guess? What that thing is?  Okay, so that thing is PUBG and Fortnite but do pubg and fortnite really killing csgo? So the answer is a big, NO but why? Okay let me clear you that pubg and fortnite are different games in comparison with csgo, I mean just look at their gameplay, fortnite and pubg are battle royale survival games where CSGO is a fast-paced first-person shooter game then how pubg, fortnite would kill it? No matter players are playing PUBG and Fortnite more than csgo today but I'm pretty sure they Will definitely back to csgo as soon as they feel bored of those game.
But our main question is what killing csgo? I mean why people are moving to other games? Then, guys, the answer is hackers, smurfs, and the cheaters.

Yes this is the truth that now days csgo is full of smurfs, cheaters, and hackers and this is the only thing that is making players move from csgo to other games, Even I am suffering from the same thing, last week I got D Ranked.

Another thing is that vac error, I suffer from vac error every time I play competitive match, I don't know why this thing always happens with me and lead to abandoning the match, its just really irritating when you don't use any hack programme, when you don't use any cleaner or monitoring app at all.

Well, the valve must fix this issue and take care of its big number of gamers, by the way, I'm not planning to leave csgo because there is nothing better then it, if we talk about fps shooters.

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