5 Reasons To Buy PUBG ( PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds )

by - June 13, 2018

"PUBG Which Is Also Known As PlayerUnknown's Battleground Was Officially Released On March 23, 2017" 

Hello, As we all know PUBG become a trend from last one year and still the popularity is increasing beside the daily active Player base because this game is a true "Last man standing" battle royale game that everyone wants to play, also it is based on reality so far, So today in this article I'll tell you 5 reasons to buy PUBG.

1. Realistic Gameplay

Well the big reason behind the popularity of PUBG is its gameplay, actually the game is based on real life like from equipping weapons to taking the pills, also driving and riding the vehicles everything seem realistic, its not cartoonish or unrealistic like Fortnite, Fornite is actually good but not a realistic game like PUBG is.

2. Easy To Understand But Difficult To Master

Yes, this game is really easy to understand because it is not that complicated to jump from a airplane and looting on the ground, using the inventory everything seems easy but when you get into the combat you'll come to know that how hard it is to become a Pro, so if you love difficulty then this game is for you.

3. Not Easy To Use Weapons

When we play Call of Duty everything is wrong with the weapons, Because all the weapons are accurate no matter what's the range and you are using the scope or no, even the snipers are accurate but when you play PUBG you'll realize how it feels like firing a real sniper rifle, Well it is not easy as you think to fire weapons in real life so play PUBG if you wanna virtually experience it.

4. Visually Appealing

For many gamers graphics are more impotent than gameplay, by the way, PUBG looks really gorgeous if you are running on med to high graphics preset, the textures are damn crispy, so if you are one of those graphics lovers then go for it.

5. Team Work

If you like games that are based on teamwork than PUBG is the right choice for sure because this game provides sharing supplies to each other, also reviving your knocked teammate is not that easy while firing.

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