Call of Duty World War II The Most Selling Game Of 2017

by - June 17, 2018

"Call of Duty World War II was released on November 3, 2017"

Call of Duty is most acclaimed Franchise in the history of gaming and in 2017 Activision revealed that we have sold copies worth $500 Million in just first three days of its release.

Number Of Copies Call Of Duty World War II 

The number of copies sold in 2017 was around 10.87 million on all Platforms, if we talk separately than the number of copies sold on Playstation was around 7.27 Million copies, Xbox One version sold around 3.48 copies where the PC version of this game sold around 110,000 Copies only.
Well guys the sales was almost double of last year's title Call of Duty Infinite Warfare's first days of release, The number of copies sold increased because Call of Duty introduced a classic setting once again to its game.

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