Everything We Know About Metro Exodus

by - June 17, 2018

"Metro Exodus Will Be Released On February 22, 2019"


2 Year already passed after the events of Metro Last Light and now this time Metro Exodus taking palace in the year 2036, as we all know the world is already destroyed by the nuclear war and the survivors are living in the tunnels of Moscow but now time to move to find a better place to live so now the main protagonist of recent metro games, Artyom will take helm of survived spartan rangers to the journey.


Metro exodus iSet in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the former Russian Federation ( Wikipedia )


Well if talk about the gameplay than there are many changes made in comparison with recent metro games, I mean the world is more open and available to explore but not a complete sandbox title, zones in the game are even bigger than the old ones like 100 times, also the behavior of enemies changes according to the day-night cycle, well if we talk about who we gonna fight then the human bandits and the creatures warped by radioactive fallout.


In Exodus, we have already seen a glimpse of new weapons like the crossbow, revolver, shotgun, and ultimate customization abilities even more than the old metro games also the introduced much better weaponry system and animations.

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