PC vs Consoles ?

by - June 24, 2018

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Pc vs Console Graphics? PC vs Console Gamers? PC vs Console Exclusives?  PC or Console? PC or Console Gaming? Gaming in a PC is Cheaper than consoles? Console Gaming Is Cheaper than PC? Bla Bla.. soo many questions everywhere about PCs and Consoles right? so Today we gonna find out which one is better either pc or a console and in what aspect?

Well guys Since gaming become popular in entertainment industry they are developing new devices every year to keep us entertained in new ways, PCs and Consoles are only devices that used for gaming mostly but while purchasing or choosing from both of them we always get confused like which one to buy and soo many questions arise like which one is cheaper for gaming or which one is future proof etc.
So today we'll find out what is better for you as a gaming device, so let's find out -

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Value for money

Value for money the primary question for a gamer that actually makes him confuse selecting right device for gaming, so if you are looking for value for money then PC gaming is very cheaper than Console gaming, you can buy cheap  PC Games from Steam and Origin sales like 50% off or even more,
Where console games are really expensive in comparison to PC games but the good thing is that you can rent or resell Console Games which is a kinda good thing.

Why pay for Multiplayer?

One of biggest mistake or weakness of Console gaming is that you need to pay for playing your games online/multiplayer, where it is free of cost on PC gaming if you buy the original version of the game from steam and such other stores. ( not applicable on pirated games )

Backward Compatibility  

Like PC games you cannot play Console games on older version of their device, for an example if you purchased GTA 5 for your PS3 and after 1-2 year sony Launches PS4 than make sure you will not able to run that GTA 5 PS3 version in PS4, But in PCs you can run a game released in past 2005 in 2017 without any problem, this thing make PC gaming more worthwhile.

Who have the best Graphics?

Most all of gamers know that who is good in the terms of graphics, yeah that is PC, even a 400-500$ PC can easily outperform consoles easily, Console graphics are not that great in comparison of PCs because PCs are upgradeable and equipped with decent hardware in compare of Consoles and as you know better graphics need better hardware, Consoles are not upgradeable and this is the only reason they don't have better graphics than PCs, Console is made for average gamers who don't upgrade.
PC games have the better level of details because PCs are faster in rendering scenes in games because of decent hardware than Consoles.

Can I do anything else than gaming?

Well if you are on Consoles then the answer is absolutely " No " because Consoles are limited to gaming and some basic web browsing where PCs can do anything you want to do like using Making presentations, Creating and Editing videos, Making animations and even more.

Let's connect controllers and keyboard

Well you can connect Xbox and ps controllers to your PC, You can also connect keyboard and mouse to your Console

Customizations And Upgrades

If we talk about customization then you can customize and upgrade your PCs even more than Consoles, in Consoles you can just modify storage and can customize your covers but in PCs you can customize and upgrade anything you want to upgrade from root to top like if you want to upgrade your ram then you can do it, if you want to customize your cabinet then you can buy from many of cabinets available in the market and even more you can do with your PCs beyond the limit of customizations.

Exclusive Games

Many gamer purchase Consoles to play exclusive games that are only available on specific Consoles instead of PCs but it doesn't mean PC has no exclusives, PC also has large number of exclusive games like Starcraft 2, Sims 4, Dirt Really, League Of Legends and even more but in terms of quality and gameplays Console exclusives make sense, Like if you want to play games like last of us, god of war, uncharted etc then you definitely need a Console otherwise there is no choice.

Who is more Future Proof Console or PC?

This is the most complicated question to all of the gamers that who is more future proof Console or PC? Then answer is Consoles are more future proof, don't know why? Let's find out then

In Terms Of Hardware- 

In terms of hardware Consoles are more future proof because if you purchased a PS3 then you don't buy a PS4 to play latest games even after 5 Years of purchases, because games that will release for PS4 will also come to PS3, In simple you no need to waste your money on upgrades to run games on your old console or you don't need to upgrade your old console to run latest games.
where if we come to PCs then your pc get outdated in just one year or maybe 2 because of latest hardware announcements, and another thing is that PC games are getting more graphics intensive every year that means more powerful PCs you will need to run them smoothly, Console games are not that visually appealing but they are well optimized to run smoothly and bugs free.

In Terms Of Games-

PC gaming is in danger because of pirating, pirating games means you are not supporting the developers and not supporting the developers means they will no more port games to PCs like GTA V delayed for 2 years after releasing on Consoles, Console gaming is not in danger because larger number of console games are being rented every day which is legal form of pirating or if you try to pirate games then you may get banned from your PlayStation or Xbox network, it simply means developers get more support from Console gaming than PC gaming and more support means more games. 

Multi Monitors

PC is the clear winner right here because you can use more than 2 monitors in the same rig but you cannot do this in Consoles.

Annoying things

There are so many things that annoy us about pc and console gaming that are mentioned below

About PCs -

You need to install any drivers, runtimes, sometimes you need to install many compatibility software & Errors like Dll is missing, Game cannot launch or Stopped working or game is running in slow motion or it's really lagging all these things are really annoying about PC gaming.

About Consoles-

Console gaming is free of problems but no one wants to use DVDs in 2017 lol it is not that great problem but the offense for PC gamers, I personally don't like to have a much larger number of DVD boxes in my room.

Now you guys can easily compare after reading my post that what is better for graphics, optimization, value for money and in terms of exclusive games.

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