PUBG Is Bunch Of Bugs

by - June 30, 2018

"PUBG was Released on March 23, 2017"

PUBG Is Bunch Of Bugs 

Its more than a year spent since the release of PUBG ( playerunknown's battleground ) but bugs are not yet fixed even after many huge updates, what's wrong with the developers of PUBG?
Well, guys, I'm playing PUBG from last 2 months honestly and even after receiving too many updates I always stuck between the rocks in Miramar and then I need to restart the game in the new lobby, the same thing happens in the new map at many places.

The Known Bugs Of PUBG

The game takes forever to loading even if you have the fastest internet connection, Random crashes on loading screens or while you are in the game, the most famous parachute bug which also not fixed, and what about zero gravity? All I see is bikes are floating in the air with flickers that's really cancerous but our question is way too many bugs and zero fixes? Well according to a report the developers were focusing on hackers and now they provided a huge update called PUBG 1.5 with unlocked Sanhok map and many new features but truth is that the bugs are not yet fixed, rather than changes in the UI And some other features I really don't see any bug fixed yet, which is not really good for the PUBG players.

What Players Want

We actually need a clean game without too many bugs and random crashes but maybe this thing never gonna happen I'm pretty sure, I said it because in one year they could have improved the game via fixing the bugs but nothing happened, believe me in next huge update you'll see the new shield and map but nothing will be fixed like we have already seen in recent updates.

By the way, guys If they improve the game via fixing the bugs than I will really appreciate the developers but till then I'll say that either the developers are sleeping or not care about the players but no worry people, they will improve the game soon because all we can do is wait and reporting about the bugs.

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