Ubisoft, Bring Prince Of Persia Back

by - June 25, 2018

"The First Prince of Persia game was released on October 3, 1989"

Bring Prince Of Persia Back

Hello everyone, so our today's article is all about bringing Prince of Persia back on the next-gen consoles, well guys in this blog I'm gonna write my own opinions that why Ubisoft should bring Prince of Persia back and also make it sure that everyone has their own opinions so my opinions can be different than yours but if you have anything good related to Prince of Persia than you can let me know into the comment box.

Why Should Ubisoft Bring Prince Of Persia Back?

Well, Prince of Persia is one of the most played and most loved franchise by gamers all over the world but since 2010 there is no news about any coming Prince Of Persia game because they either closed this series or making something new, I feel like they are focusing most on Assassin's Creed series because it is most popular in next gen of consoles  but now I feel like they must pause Assassin's Creed franchise for some time because gamers are losing their interest in Assassin's Creed games slowly-slowly and want to see something new, So it is great idea to bring Prince Of Persia franchise back it will be surely beneficial for Ubisoft because every gamer who played Prince Of Persia loved its storyline and impressive freestyle fighting system which is also present in Assassin's Creed but in a different style, Bringing back Prince Of Persia in next-gen consoles with a new great story and a new freestyle fighting system definitely going to rock and have great chance to become most popular again like it used to be in past years, Well recently I created a poll asking for a new Price of Persia game and around 91% out of 100% voted it postivly, so according to me Ubisoft have a great chance to make money via bringing Prince of Persia franchise back.

I am great fan of Prince of Persia games since warrior within was my first ever pc game and I really loved it, after playing that I bought all Prince of Persia games and played the entire franchise thrice, well guys if you also love Prince of Persia and want the franchise back then let me know into the comment box.

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