Why City Of New York Is So Popular In Video Games And Movies ?

by - June 28, 2018

Hey, people, our today's article is slightly different because in this article we'll discuss the most popular setting in Movies and Games, you heard it right that's NYC ( New York ) guys but why most of the times we see NYC in movies and games? so let's talk about it.

Like we have already watched Avengers Age Of Ultron, Iron Man, The Godfather etc and played games like Grand Theft Auto 4, Prototype and Midnight Club etc but why most of the times these Games and Movies are set in NYC? The big reason is NYC is familiar to everyone because if we see from the beginning than most movies are already set in NYC and Games too since NYC is the biggest city in the world,
The skyline of the city of New York is really popular among the world, like you and me can easily recognize NYC via seeing world trade center, empire state and all.
In simple words, the settings are based on places that can be recognized easily via most of us viewers and players.

The wide streets and the street system of NYC is not so complicated or puzzling like other cities and because of wide streets it is easy to prepare 3D map in modeling software , also NYC is the city that never sleeps and it actually fits on games because in games the developers need to show an alive nightlife where NYC suit better.  

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