20 Things We Want In GTA 6 - GTA 6 Wishlist

by - July 29, 2018

Hey guys, welcome to the Players Vibe and today we gonna talk about GTA 6 Wishlist, in simple words in this article we'll list things that everyone wants to see in upcoming title from GTA franchise.

1. Trains and Planes With Interior

GTA introduced trains and planes but never introduced their interior even in the modern title, this thing actually seem bad when we press the enter button and directly get into the plane, and expect GTA San Andreas we cannot even ride a train, okay fine you can travel in GTA 4 but in GTA 5? Well, this is the must-have feature in the upcoming title.

2. Multi Cities / Huge Map

Everyone wants to see a huge map based on different cities because trains and airplanes seem useless in tiny maps.

3. Realistic Car Crashes

We want to see realistic crashes like GTA 4 or upgraded.

4. Real Time Reflection In The Mirrors

In GTA 5 I have already tested the reflections, you can't even see yourself in the exterior glasses, also in water.

5. Rain Water

The water of the rain must stay for a long time on the roads, also whenever a car go through it the water 
should splash.

6. Intelligent Police AI

Well in GTA 5 see police don't stop firing even after you stop, I mean they keep firing till you die, so I request Rockstar Games to bring even more intelligent AI for the police in their upcoming title.

7. Buses Carry More Passenger

From the beginning of the GTA franchise, vehicles can carry 3-4 passengers or only, even if the vehicle we own is more the 4 seater.

8. Destructible Environment

Open world game seem worthless when we see that we got weapons but not a destructible environment, unlike Just Cause 3 we need destructible bridges, walls, and more stuff.

9. Different Location

GTA franchise always takes place in the United States of America, now this time I want them to bring some New locations from the world, like London, Hong Kong, Dubai etc.

10. Short Loading Times

GTA 5 takes really long to load, even on story mode, which is really irritating, Rockstar Games must optimize upcoming title to load even faster.

11. Natural Disasters

Wel,l who don't wanna see natural disasters in a game ? Just cause 4 bring tornadoes to the game why GTA cannot ?

12. Improved Medical and Fire Services AI

Just like police AI we want improved or upgraded AI for the medical and fir services too, currently they seem useless, never come on time or some time they just ignore.

13. Breakable Trees

The most unrealistic thing about GTA is unbreakable trees, I mean no matter what bomb you use, what vehicle you bump, there is nothing gonna happen to the tree in any situation, looks like GTA trees are most powerful than thor's hummer.

14. Interiors

Who don't like exploring cities but when we go and see there is nothing to explore in the city, we get disappointed, GTA 5 have no interiors which is kinda unrealistic or not interesting about a sandbox titles, we want open malls, shops, hotels and even more.

15. Properties to Purchase in Single Player or Story Mode

Just like older GTA titles before GTA 4, we could purchase properties in single player mode but now it just available for online only, Rockstar Games must bring this feature back to the single-player mode in their upcoming title.

16. Longer Routes

Everyone else loves the long drive, making routes bigger will make the game interesting and addict to play, long drive means longer races in GTA online.

17. Reptiles

Adding reptiles like crocodile and all will make game's wild life more alive.

18. Streets Must Feel Alive

The worst thing about GTA games is that the streets feel dead, I want Rockstar Games to bring some life to the streets I mean with adding food stalls, people doing random things instead of walking all the time, fighting etc.

19. Realistic Aliens and Their Ship

Well like in GTA 5 the alien ships are just a joke, in upcoming titles, Rockstar Games must make alien ships dynamic and deadly, I mean alien invades in the night, chasing ufos with jet planes and more alien related activities must be added.

20. Vehicles need to refuel

GTA franchise always install Petrol or Fuel station in the game but they are useless unless we cannot refuel our vehicle, refueling is indeed. 

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