Before You Buy Crysis On Steam

by - July 10, 2018

"Crysis Release Date - 13 November 2007"

Before You Buy Crysis On Steam

Hello, guys, our today's article is kinda different than usual, In this blog, we gonna talk about the steam version of Crytek's Crysis, well recently in intergalactic summer sell I bought the Crysis collection for some little penny but unfortunately I'm regretting now and planning to refund because the steam version of Crysis have issue related to the CD key, I mean if you bought this game on Steam than make sure it won't run in windows 10 64 bit because in this version of windows you'll face issue related to CD  key, Even if you added the correct CD key it will still ask for it, also there is no fix from either Steam or from Crytek, so it is really worthless to buy Crysis if you are using the latest version of Windows 10.

Possible fix -

If you want to fix this issue then download "Origin" and install it on your system, now go to add or active product panel and add your steam CD key to the box, now the game is added to the Origin library, download it again and play.

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