Do You Remember Project I.G.I ?

by - July 16, 2018

"Project I.G.I Was Released On 15th December, 2000"

If you remember Project I.G.I also known as Project I'm Going In than you're definitely a classic or a legendary gamer because the title you have seen above is just not a title it is a legendary title too, Well guys like you've already seen that today we gonna talk about Project I.G.I and why I loved it.

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Guys project I.G.I is almost 18 years old game but at many ways it still beat today's many fps shooters that are based on same mission style, for example - Metal Gears Solid V Phantom Pain and Splinter Cell Blacklist are based on almost same gameplay style as I.G.I was based but still I.G.I gave us a unique experience because of its clean gameplay, like today we see too many extra and useless things in games, and many of them don't even feel realistic.

This game was just a masterpiece in its time on all aspects from Graphics to Gameplay, but the game got mixed number of reviews, because this game missed saving game feature during the gameplay, I mean if you want to save the game then you cannot till you finish the entire mission, If you die than the mission will start from the scratch.

If I talk about my own opinions than guys believe me it was really an amazing first person shooter game I ever played, honestly it was 2010 when I installed this game in my system and I fall in love with it, Border Crossing was my favorite mission. 

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