Left 4 Dead 2 Is A Blast From The Past

by - July 07, 2018

"Release Date 17th November 2009"

Valve developers are really talented, reason? I mean they don't make Games so quick like other developers do, they take their time and release a perfect game in years, let's take Counter Strike Global Offensive for a successful example but our main topic is about Left 4 Dead 2 and why it is a blast from the past? Well, guys honestly I start playing this game just a couple of days ago but after playing this game for hours I realized why people call it the best Co-Op zombie shooter.

From zombies to graphics, animations to game mechanics everything is just amazing and perfectly created and that's what I love about Valve studios, they create games that can be played even on low-end devices with perfect frame per second ( fps ), Left 4 Dead 2 4 have many game modes from single to multiplayer campaign or survival mode.

This game was released almost a decade ago and still not feel outdated or out of the competition from newer titles, expect me many of my friends still play this game and that makes me feel like this is another successful title from valve which is almost 10 years old and doesn't feel old, that's the reason it is still one of the best zombie shooter ever created and also this is the only reason I called it "A Blast From The Past"

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