Noob vs Pro Gamer

by - July 23, 2018

Debate On Noob vs Pro Gamer

So our today's article about " noob vs pro gamer " this topic always been a great reason of debate because when someone fails to explain something about gaming or other related things than other people call him " Noob " but do they know what exactly noob and pro means? So in today's article, I am going to clear this dilemma full topic with my own opinions so let's start guys -

Before we go further one thing I wanna tell you is that it is all based on my own opinions, you may agree or not, if you have your own opinions than you can put into the comment box

Noob Gamer -

Before we start talking about pro lets talk about noob gamer first, you may have seen many guys who talk about game's graphics? Like they don't play a game just because it's graphics are really very poor? WTF do they play games for graphics? Or gameplay and storyline?
Cheating in open world games like GTA and Just Cause for fun may be good but when they use trainers to complete the game mission or levels than they should be considered a noob because they are not good in playing games or maybe they are New to gaming.
What when someone asks you " hey bro how can I download more ram? How to download graphics card? How defeat this villain? Or some time like " give me a link to download this game " bro how to install a trainer in GTA V " etc etc, then you be like man WTF you are asking?
I mean you don't have a little knowledge about things? why don't you research for things you actually want to do? Exactly he is a noob because rather than researching on the internet, he depends on the people.

Some guys who be like, you got such a nice and expensive rig still you cannot game better? Hey man, why do you connecting gaming skills with pc costs? I mean do expensive pcs will make gaming better ? Hell no, you need to learn to adjust yourself according to your pocket and gaming depends on skills, not on pocket power, even you can game on lower configuration with low graphics settings, gaming is all about fun not about graphics so chill.

Pro Gamers-

Pro gamers are kinda genius type of people because gaming need too much of your mind and they use their mind instead of gameplay tutorials and the help of people, a pro gamer will never make any debate about a specific topic in games, he will never waste his time on arguing useless topics.
He won't ask questions such as you already read about noob gamers.
Instead of graphics " gameplay and storyline " will matter for him, he will never use a trainer for passing the game levels and missions, he believes gaming can be done in low-end systems too, you don't need to spend too much on such useless system that costs more than a bike.

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