Shroud Banned, Good or Bad ?

by - July 12, 2018

Michael Grzesiek is real name of Shroud, He is 24 years old now.

The most known 24 years old PUBG player Michael Grzesiek also known as Shroud banned for one month from playing the game but why it actually happened ? And banning him was correct decision ? Let's talk about it and come to the conclusion.

Why he is Banned ?

Well, before we talk about his banning, first let's know why he was banned, actually he teammed up with hackers in a live stream, instead of reporting about those hacker, he actually asked them to give him a ride of the flying car, also they helped him to drop at many places, this was the only reason Shroud was banned from the game for a entire month

Banning Was Good Decision ?

Well according to me it was a correct decision taken by Bluehole because it doesn't matter how famous twitcher he is or how much PUBG live stream base he owns the rules must be same for everyone, and that's what Bluehole done.
Many fans of shroud trying to be like he shouldn't be banned because he owns pubg and blah but they should know that rules are same for everyone, no matter he is Shroud, Ninja or anyone else, I know, he didn't kill anybody with their hacks but teaming up is also a crime.
So, in simple words the decision taken by Bluehole was legit no matter how much it gonna effect their player base.

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